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Our story began in rural Kansas where Mary Swaim raised 7 children working as an RN.  As her children grew up and moved away, she began to have difficulty living alone.  In the 80’s, Mary was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. At the time, In-Home care was not available and she was moved to a nursing home.  Although the nursing home Mary stayed in was top notch, her outlook and attitude sank, she missed her home.  Her health continued to diminish and finally succumbed to the chronic illness.  The experience was sad for Mary and family as well; if In-Home care had been available back then her ‘golden years’ would have turned out differently.

Twenty years later the Swaim's help families deal with similar problems everyday.  Having personal experience they are uniquely qualified to help seniors and families deal with the many elder care issues they might run into when a loved one needs help.  Besides employing only caregivers "good enough for Grandma Mary", Comfort Keepers, of the Emerald Coast, can help with community and VA funding, billing insurance companies, and help with finding other local resources.  

 Interactive Caregiving® - our distinctive approach to in-home care - is at the very heart of Comfort Keepers®.

Our dedicated caregivers, the special people we call Comfort Keepers®, transform day-to-day caregiving into opportunities for meaningful conversation and activities that engage and enrich the lives of seniors physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.
This practice of Interactive Caregiving can contribute to longer, healthier, more purposeful lives for seniors - a fact proven by many research studies that point to the health benefits of active living in later life.

For maximum effectiveness, Comfort Keepers tailor Interactive Caregiving to the personality and unique interests and abilities of each senior client.  Interactive Caregiving may, for example, include walks in the neighborhood or dancing to music; working together on household chores; discussing current events or personal interests; reminiscing while viewing photo albums; working on hobbies, puzzles or crafts; and going shopping or to church, senior center or civic group activities. To find out more go to
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